A City Girl in a Small Town

So, I decided that I would spend my Christmas with my boyfriend who happens to live in a stereotypical small town. I mean, everyone knows you by name and there is a high likeliness of small townians to leave their front door unlocked. You’d think they would be the kind of people to be more welcoming because if anything that we know about small towns is that they are so free and willing to help. I think it depends how small the town really is and this town is more towards a redneck kind of persona. They look down upon outsiders and it takes a long time for them to warm up to you. If your not white, then obviously there would be more problems then just being able to fit in. For now, let’s just focus on the narrow mindedness that this small uncivilizated town carries.

If you mention to them anything about gay rights or anything taboo then they turn up their righteous noses and say, nay that is not the tradition we hold here. They act disgusted and they can’t believe that any other kind of perspective exists except for the traditions that the town upholds. They are not aware of world issues and they choose to ignore most medians of advanced communications. Luckily, the internet has been accepted and that would allow me to write this blog (haha). Ok, I was kidding about the lack of communications, but it is a fact that the awareness of the world is very minimal. Most are not aware of a whole outside their small town. If they go out to the city, then its this huge culture shock where they complain about too many people, the crowding, and the traffic. You know, it really is not that bad. I love the rustling and bustling of people because it makes the world more lived in.

The city that they talk about is not that crowded and hardily any traffic in comparison to much bigger cities such as Tokyo or New York City. I guess its what their used to and anything out of the ordinary for them would be ordinary to city people. But, every time they make a remark about the traffic or the how busy it is, I just want to laugh in their faces at their ignorance. I keep thinking, what am I supposed to say? Do I make a sarcastic remark or do I say nothing at all. Most, if not all of the time its silence. Its as though if I say anything at all then you can expect in the blink of an eye, the town will be against me. It surprises me everytime they think they are above it all and that the simple life is the only life to live. There is so much in this world to experience, love, and create. It seems that a small town ceases such a growth of knowledge and experience that they lose the inital human instinct of curiosity.

What is a city girl supposed to do in such a small town?



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