What to Wear for Canadian Fashion Week

Prepare yourself. This is the blog that you have probably waited for a while or most likely came across it by mistake. Today, I will provide a brief recap of the spring fashion show that I attended in Ottawa this year, 2011. I never have been to a fashion show before this one so I hope that you, reader, will perhaps learn from my mistakes.

First off reader, maybe you would like to get acquainted with the likes of Canadian fashion before you delve into the photos and captions. The main fashion shows that most people in Canada are familiar with are the shows in Toronto and Montreal. In Canada, these cities are the most well-known for fashion and many fashionistas try to get into these shows to be part of something bigger: a fashion week. The fashion week usually implies 7 days of designers showcasing their newest designs, but the one I attended ran only for a few days: 3 days to be exact. Ottawa only recently joined to be part of the fashion network in order to be a pinpoint to visit in terms of fashion in 2007.

Now I present you what to wear for fashion week because well… I didn’t know what to wear so I just thought I would wear black for simplicity:

Ottawa Fashion Week 2011

This is a mistake because its better to take some risks and try something vibrant and colorful to stand out and to be caught on camera (think of the crazy hats people wore at the royal wedding). As long as you wear something revolutionary or current with today’s trends, then you should be okay. The research that I did on what to wear for fashion week suggested to wear something by a designer or a little black dress. I did wear a black dress, but the mistake was that all of the coordinators of the event were wearing black so I often got confused for being media or as a fellow coordinator. You also should have some kind of a statement piece, such as jewelery or hat. I chose my kathy purse to be my statement piece since it is a bright blue and it pops out against the black attire I have on.

 If you want to sit in the front row at the fashion show, make sure you try to get in as a VIP. I could not sit in the first two rows because those rows were devoted strictly to VIP. No one I knew, but hey whatever, they want to instigate some sort of a fashion heirarchy. The first designer that presented her designs was Elizabourke and it was not anything special. I wanted something extragavant, what can I say? Here’s a photo I caught:

ElizaBourke Collection

The next collection that was presented was the collection “serendpity”. She was criticized for using 60s style poodle skirts and not adding anything new to the fashion world. My verdiction? It was weird, and she stayed in the lines way too much. Nothing risky and nothing spectacular. Although, she did have a show-stopping piece that looked the slightest bit intriguing:

Serendpity Collection

Afterward, I was visited by something much more inventive in the Rachel Sin collection.

Rachel Sin Collection

Shortly after this collection walked the runway, my camera died but not before the outfit I found the most hideous of the night, a onesy brown suit from the Nu.l collection:

Nu.l Collection

That is another of my mistakes that you want to avoid, either bring an extra battery or make sure your camera is fully charged. Check the rules of the venue before you start snapping away photos of the event that is being held. I chose the wrong night to go to the fashion week if I wanted something outrangeous because the most out-of-the-box designer was Adrian Wu who presented his designs the day after. I did get a chance to catch a glimpse of Wu since… well he was in the VIP section. Other than that, I don’t think I would go to another fashion show unless it is the most haute couture of designers in the show. It is utterly boring if you go by yourself and awkward when you feel a bit out of place at the event. My last mistake that you should avoid is to not go alone, this is an event to be enjoyed with others.


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