A Short Story about Dancing in Clubs

I went clubbing on Saturday. That was an interesting experience since a good friend of mine convinced me to head to a country bar. I have never been to a country bar because it is not my thing and I loathe country music. I had no idea how to dance to the music, but when I looked around me, lots of women could not dance and were just as lost as I was. These girls had no rhythm or beat to follow. I thought that perhaps swing-dancing or line-dancing was in order at the country bar, but no such luck. In order to make the bar seem cool, there were a couple of cages where girls would have to climb and get into the spotlight and dance more badly than before. The entire vibe of the place was throwing me off, but man… did I ever feel amazingly irrestible! As I entered, a guy said behind me that I had sexy heels on and when I paid admission into the bar, a girl loved my bright red lipstick. That was the greatest ego-boost of the night and it was a good beginning to a new experience.

The men at this bar approach women differently. One man came up to my friend and I with attempts to start a conversation. I said several times that I don’t feel like talking at the moment, but he didn’t hear me so instead he kept talking about where he was from and pushing us to dance. Eventually, he thought we were mutes so he left us alone. After a while of trying to figure out some kind of dance to follow the lame-ass beats of the music, my friend and I decided to skip out of the country bar and head to a dance club. I love dance clubs and how easy it is dance with people. I managed to find one cute guy to dance with and nothing is more sexy to me than a guy who isn’t afraid to have fun. He doesn’t have to grind and wind with women to be a great dancer. Guys who make jokes and add a little personality to their dancing form is very appealing. It shows that their not afraid to be who they are and that they are different from the rest of the horny crowd.

I saw a guy crash and burn, while trying to get a women to dance with him. I couldn’t quite catch the conversation because of the loud music, but… actions speak louder than words. He kept following this woman hoping to get her attention and to build an attraction but she kept resisting and stepping away from the man. Not for long, she gave him a sexy little wiggle and that was the end of the failed seduction. I was giggling at his attempts and then we made eye contact. I just kept smiling and shook my head. One short guy tried many times to get my attention and he tapped me to say “want to dance?”, I figured hey, why the hell not? I said sure, but apparently not loud enough as he decided to watch me dance and tapped me again; my response was to ignore him. When he tapped me, he reminded me of a child constantly tapping his mother to get her attention. Shortly after, he gave up and tried other girls.

The clubbing scene is interesting because its a whole other singles game that you have to play. The moment you hold a stare down with someone, that implies that you are interested in them so that they would come over and dance with you. I came out that night to have fun and not pick up guys, so I made sure not to gaze at any man for an extended period of time. Also, the clubbing scene is commonly used as an excuse for men picking up women to be part of one-night stands therefore meeting a guy in a bar or club, isn’t the best setting for hooking up days after.


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