The New Year and Short-Term Goals

Its weird how we think that the new year brings new aspirations, goals and most important of all a new beginning. We, as human beings, want to feel fresh and accomplished so the beginning of the year brings in a new mentality that starting January we will change ourselves for the better. I always wonder what do I want to change each year and if this change is a constant goal that I fail to accomplish because something comes up or perhaps the whole concept of lists is too binding for a free spirit like me. I want to live life in an unpredictable way and in such a way that life would never be boring because spontaneity or impulse will drive minor decisions that I have to make each day. Why should we do the same things everyday? Life is all about mixing it up and trying something new to see if it would be something you love or something you completely loathe. People have a bad habit of falling into boring, rhythmic patterns that carry them across life in a complete negative outlook and they feel miserable that life cannot change.

Life can change. We are never trapped in a situation or pathway. There is always a choice or way out that just not be discovered yet. In this thought process, I find myself reflecting on past mistakes or situations that I wished I handled differently. I want to forget these mistakes or experiences to move on but I’m the kind of person that needs to analyze and learn from my experiences. These experiences that we endure shape our character and help us figure out what to do in a situation. Therefore, I figure that this year, this year will be different. It is time to just live life as it is: a challenge. Each day will be a challenge that I will take on and achieve something for the better good. Yes, this is a vague resolution but let’s be honest does anyone actually complete their new year’s resolutions? Just as long there is one main goal to accomplish then people won’t feel overwhelmed with to-do lists and unattainable long term goals. Short-term goals will enforce positive reinforcement and overall, just make you feel good.

What’s wrong with that?


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