Composition at the 2012 Ottawa Tulip Festival

Ottawa is a vivacious city in the springtime. From May 4-21, expect to see tulips bloom for the annual Tulip Festival. Today, the weather was sublime for taking photos of the vibrant colors and alluring shapes of these flowers, so here I present to you my recollection of the Tulip Festival:

The division of the picture plane is great here. The three sections are distinct from one another which provides intrigue for not only the tulips, but for the eye as well. The flowers are shooting up, while the bushes are offering a balance between left and right. The architecture provides an element of history as well as a more neutral shade to balance the photo out.

There is life in this photo. Besides the tulips, there are people walking along the pathway snapping photos just as I am. The green shrubs and pine trees provide a more naturalistic setting which is similar to Monet’s idea of the private space or garden. His garden seperated him from the rest of the progressing population and it also shielded him the developing industry happening in Argenteuil:

I also concentrated on more closeups of the tulips to showcase the structure and detail:

I loved how there was this one small yellow tulip that looked smaller than the rest:

The last decent shot was this one, where there was an interesting shadow casted by the statue:

For more information about the Ottawa Tulip Festival visit this informative website:


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