Beauty and Strength in Downtown Ottawa

I spent four years in this thriving city and I thought it was about time to capture some moments that showcase beauty and strength.

In this above photo, here we have the end of the tulip festival. Tulips start to wilt and the moment that they appear overtly unsightly, they are wiped out from existence. Flowers remind me of a constant cycle of growth and regeneration. The four years I spent in Ottawa studying can be summarized in the cycle of a flower. I was once a seedling that needed nourishment and knowledge, and now I am a fully grown flower that is prospering.

In this photo, I showcase the strength of the architecture. I always pass by this building without admiring its work of lights and shades when the sun hits. We get a taste of a brute force that lies in the curvature of windows and balcony.

I lined up this shot well. This showcases the greenery of nature and the brawn of the cement pathway. One could say that we have beauty meeting strength in this particular shot.

I really liked how the benches seem to appear slightly intertwined here. We have both industry and nature displayed side by side in this photo.

In this specific shot, I was trying to capture the fortitude of the columns but at the same time showcase a bit of the livliness of the city with the strollers walking by.

This last photo is my favourite. I managed to capture a woman adjusting her hat while relaxing on the grass. Here, ladies and gentleman, we have the beginnings of what appears to be the summer lazy and hazy days.


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