New DSLR and Beginnings of Portraiture

After getting a new camera (a camera that is my own) I figured to was about time to take my Canon t3i and get a test subject to see if I have any talents in portraiture. Two hundred shots later, I came out of the experience extremely satisfied and managed to gather a few shots that would considered my top favorites. I did some modeling for a fellow photographer in the past, so I knew how to control the situation to achieve optimal results from my model.

In this shot, we see her pose in her natural state. It gives the shot an element of life.

A very traditional style of portrait.

A very feminine shot with florals in a lounging state.

There is something very innocent and wonderful about this photo. A very angelic atmosphere.

I capture her curiosity as she reached out to the leaves on the trellis.

Not the most flattering shot, but the odd shadows make the shot unique.


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