How to Capture Perseverance in a Self Portrait

In photography and in art, it is difficult to capture oneself in an image. We hope to symbolize and create an accurate representation of ourselves. In these series of photos, I tried to capture my perseverance. No matter how rough a week you have, you should always push through that adversity and keep a positive outlook for better things. I know that life will bring hardships and rewards, but I won’t back down. I like to think of the poem by Maya Angelou, Still I Rise where the way we are perceived can affect our overall character but if we hope and fight for our dreams then we can be unstoppable.

In this shot I am looking down on my troubles and I know that there’s always a way out or a solution that hasn’t been discovered yet.

They say if you smile at yourself then you will feel happier. I felt proud of my current endeavors.

My almost neutral expression. I can grin and bear it.

My eyes tell tales of truth and soul. The bluish hue showcases a sense of gloominess, but at the same time a more calm nature.


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