Early Stages of Fall shown in Nature

Fall can be quite beautiful if given the chance to capture the colours that the trees bring forth in this transition. I would say that each season has a way of warming our hearts and spirits if given the chance. In this series of photos I present two processes of fall, early fall and mid fall. In early fall, there is still a lot of greenery left on the trees and in mid fall there is there is a gradual change represented by the bright yellows, reds, and oranges.

In this shot, we have green moss and a few fall-coloured leaves. This is the start of the fall season taking its toll on nature.

I was trying to use a different angle to showcase the height and ridges of the tree stumps.

A little girl was looking at bugs in the forest and she found this gem.

Once again, you see the tints of fall on the pebbles as the trees transition into the preliminary stages of autumn.

The magificent reds on the trees remind me of the corals you would find in the ocean. The vivid and lively mysteries of nature resonate in the crimsons.

This is more towards mid fall. The hues become more muted and the trees appear to be hibernating.

I found it interesting how even the flowers seem to change their vibrant colours in mid fall as well.


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