Decay in Fall and its Beauty

Before winter hits, I figured I’d take one last chance to capture nature withering away at the toll of permafrost and the incoming winter season. In these particular shots, I tried to make each nature image showcase a sense of beauty even when there seems to be none apparent.

In this shot, I captured the delicacy of the last of the fall leaves in the soft cradling of my subject’s hands. The edges are so crinkled to the point that the smallest miscalcuation of movement would completely destroy the heart shape of the leaf.

Here we have a sense of growth with the moss overcoming the dead log and debris that surrounds it. The bare branches also contribute towards creating a very gloomy atmosphere.

The interwining of the branches create a feeling of being trapped. There are gaps that allow a viewer to see through the branches in order to sustain the ideals of a way out.

The only white leaf amongst the brown elements demonstrate the difference of how one variation of a color can make. There is beauty in this leaf and the surrounding leaves because of how the leaves curl in a paisley matter. More so, it can be seen as a twisted teardrop.

My favourite shot of the day. The focus on the bud and leaves suggest life and renewal.

Someone left their scarf behind in the forest. There is a sentiment of leaving behind a chance of revival in all of this dreariness.



One thought on “Decay in Fall and its Beauty

  1. In this collection my favor picture is dead leaf still hanging surrounded by complitly dry, brown leafs,
    fall is sad, everything is in dead frozen state, luck of colors except shades of browns and grays makes diffcoult to capture an interesting frame. Good job on this one:-)

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