Nature Photography in Winter

Winter always appears so dreary and uniform. It could be the lack of color or how the snow covers up any chance of renewal. Overall, winter seems to be the one season that makes everything pure when it outlines grooves or movement.

frosty edges

In this shot the snow covers each bud and leaf delicately, making the impression of powder or a dusting of winter.


In this shot, I loved how the branches imitated the wings of a bird.

Tan leaves

In this shot, I tried to make the leaves look more alive by choosing the angle that best covers the grayish hues in the leaves.

My hand

Winter also dries out your skin and makes your cheeks glow red from the cold. In this shot, I chose to use my hand to represent the effects of the cold on my skin.


Even in the toughest conditions, these mushrooms still thrive.


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