How to Capture Snow in Motion

In these series of photos, I attempt to capture my subject in an overcast day while she shook a tree to make the snow cloud up the picture as well as fall on her in various forms of powder and chunks.

Hair Cover

I liked how the snow was just about to stop falling here and how her hair covered a part of her face.

Peeking Out

She was peeking through the branches before she shook the branch to initate movement.


I really did not anticipate for this shot to be possible, so the fact that there is a silhouette outlined in all the snowy smoke made me very proud of this shot.


The snow looks like a waterfall in this shot. I also liked how happy she looked in this shot. Not many people would be happy that there is a bunch of snow falling on them.


4 thoughts on “How to Capture Snow in Motion

    • Thank you! I was the model for that day and I brought my camera in case I get inspired. I got inspired and got some shots in under 20 minutes. I love when creativity strikes you like that!

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