How to Enhance Photos by Cropping

Portraits are always an interesting genre of photography to work with. After a long period of having winterly-dreary days, today was the first day of many of sunny-springly moments. I decided today to work with the opportunity of sunlight in mid-afternoon. I noticed that my cropping and my use of natural light has improved when comparing to past series of portraits.

In this shot, I have my subject give me his profile. I decided that this photo needed some sort of enhancement to bring the background and subject together. I darkened the edges in the slightest way to channel the light hitting my subject.

His eyes are fully open in this shot and I get a half grin. This beat my last close up of his features in the fall.

Left Frame

By having my subject being on the left side instead of the center gives the photo more variety.

Changing Frame

Although this shot is on the same premise as the first one, there is more focus on the cropping in order to change it from a traditional style of portrait.


Always a good thing to have your subject exploit his physical stablity. I loved how the shadows from the trees were a lighter shade than his shadow. It gave life to the photo.


The shadow of his handstand divides the picture plane in an intriguing way making your eye follow the shadow, to the subject, then to the background.



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