How to Enhance a Photo with Textures

It’s funny when one creative idea turns into another creation. My original idea was to optmize the wind and have my model hold a couple of scarves. Instead, what happened was the wind was not powerful enough to achieve this result so I concentrated on optmizing textures for this series of photos.

Wool & Patterns

In this photo, my subject held up her gloves up to her face as she shielded her face with the scarf. I liked the contrast of wool and rayon, so I thought to increase the division by making it black and white.


The wildness of her hair and the fact that the wind did its part by lifting it in the air made the shot. I liked the print of her scarf and how it was folded so neatly to give the shot a sense of order.


By having the sunlight behind my subject, I was able to give her an ambient glow to highlight the fur on the hood of her coat.

Blue Eyes

The focus on her eye colour brings life into the photo. You see every pore and skin follicle being contrasted by the shadows of the fur.

Mixture of texture

This is the best shot I did that day. You have something soft, furry, and silky. All of the textures are showcased here.


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