Ottawa Architecture

I went on a small trip to Ottawa to take shots of the tulip festival and instead of having gorgeous shots of flowers, I came out with some intriguing shots of buildings. I figured for this post, I’d just focus on the architecture and the streets that make Ottawa such an urban location. I wanted to go to Toronto for cityscapes and office buildings, but you never know when inspiration will ambush you especially when your creativity mode is on.


Every tourist has a generic shot in front of the Parliament building. So, I thought for this shot, I would single out a particular segment of the building. The fine details of each ridge and edge give this photo an essence of line and balance of architecture.


I always wanted to take a shot of a cityscape, so this is my first attempt of showcasing an arrangement of buildings with a varied range of colours. I really liked how each building works coherently and blends into this cityscape.

Chateau Laurier

In this work, I found the brick layout and the details of what looks like a buttress to be very intricate. It makes your eye follow all of the outlines of each window as well as the decorative elements underneathe each window sill.


The Univeristy of Ottawa campus has a huge natural theme where vines and other kinds of plants creep up the buildings as it seems as though the vegetation is swallowing the building. I focused on how the vegetation enhanced the building instead of taking away the industrial essence of structure.

Parking Lot

Apartment buildings can be just as sophisticated as office buildings. There is still a sense of strength and industry in this shot where it is centralized on a parking lot.

Convention Centre

The Convention centre in Ottawa is always a real piece of work. Equilateral triangles reinforce the structure and give it a sense of intricacy. The simplicity of design gives it a balanced formation.

Street People

I found the streets of a city to be more exhilarating with the hustle and bustle of people. The people of a city make it seem more thriving and alive.


In contrast, an empty street makes a city more dreary and abandoned.




4 thoughts on “Ottawa Architecture

  1. Wow! These are great shots, unbolivible if, i didn’t know i would think it was done by a pro,
    Really, really great shots……i liked them all!!!!

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