How to Capture Florals

I was told once that taking photos of flowers was not considered an art. So, to that audience I say, let me show you the artistry in florals.

Open bloom

It was a gloomy day when I did this shot. I figured that flowers don’t always need to be depicted as brightly colored pieces. The touch of green seen in the white petals give it some variation, as well as the distant red florals in the background. The way that each flower is fully open gives way to the definition for blooming.

Inner workings

You see every curve of each petal in this shot. I was aiming to showcase the beginnings of an early morning. At first there is a sense of lethargy. Then, as one eases into a sense of alertness, we become more ready to take on the day. The act of centering the flower, not only makes your eye focus on the details, but it also suggests a curvilinear shape.


This is the first shot that came out right after I adjusted everything in the manual settings. The colours and definition give it life.

Light halfway

The light on this particular tulip gives it a sense of allure. I think this is my favourite in this series.


One thought on “How to Capture Florals

  1. Hello Camilla – these photos are beautiful! I would never listen to someone who said this or that is not art. Your photographs made these flowers give out their secrets and/or suggest that secret life of flowers does exist. The first is my favourite – the light is so subtle and the eye is invited to walk around. I like them all, but the second one has great composition. The play of the light on pink petals is so romantic and sexy, especially the last one, very youthful and sensual (maybe that’s why it’s your favourite). I feel that art education sometimes defeats the art itself as it creates barriers to create freely, from one’s soul. Stay on this journey, one day you will not believe how far you got.

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