How to Capture Festivals

Take a walk through fun and mystery in a local festival. There’s always a sense of culture and allure in each game and in each local business trying to make their mark. In these photos I try to capture the vivid colors showcased by the people and the event itself. These are shots from Canada Day and a cultural festival that happened in June.


I took about 10 ranges and angles of this ride in order to time it at the right moment when there were no people appearing on the ride. The overcast gave the shot contrast to the usual ideal of amusement at a festival.


This shot embodied the vivid-color element that I believe festivals emulate. Each object looks rustic and unique.

Canada Girl

There were two girls posing with magazines in different areas of the promenade. I’m not sure what their statement was about, but by basing it on what she was wearing, my guess would be that it was a fashion statement.


I left the best for last. This shot was at a small petting zoo. I was testing the manual settings to get the right exposure and I’m happy with the result. The shadows and focus are pristine.




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