The Autumn Effect in Photography

Autumn. The word itself brings out a sensation of change and decay. Monet had the sentiment captured beautifully in his piece, Autumn Effect at Argenteuil where he depicts fall as warm and robust. I like to think of autumn as something positive because of the many colors and vegetables that become prominent in this season. When we engage in autumn and embrace the many changes, then we can derive pleasure from this stage of nature. It has been said that one can put value on art if it is dependent on the pleasure we derive from it (G. Graham, Philosophy of the arts: an introduction to Aesthetics, London: Routledge 2005, p.12). When this concept is applied to photography, then autumn and the many other seasons can be captured in the sense of time and development. In this series of photos, I try to capture two points of view: my brother took photos of me in a genuine manner, whereas, I took photos of him in a conclusive manner.

Red Vibes

This was his best shot of me. I cannot for the life of me make a provocative pose or expression that would be considered genuine, so this is a photo that catches me in my element. The bright colors support the warm aspects of fall.

Red Vines

The bright red vines suggest passion and a definitive process for change. There is an essence of kindness in his eyes.

Smile my Dear

I can’t help but smile in this photo. The orange tint on the trees are very similar to the warmth showcased in Monet’s autumn piece. The way he cropped it at my shoulder makes your eye follow it up to my facial features and back into the background.

Time to have Fun with Closeups

I am a huge fan of close ups for portraiture. The dual colors of red on the leaf bring us a marker of time. It tells us, that we have entered fall and this is the time for change.

Outline of light

The way that the light hits me in this photo suggests a sentiment of eternal bliss. I stand on the remnants of decay left by the many trees in this forest, but there is still room for development.

Focus, Focus

This is my favorite photo. The way that the light outlines his neck and shoulder is angelic. The focus is intriguing, because his body is more focused on than his façade. This gives a hint to the duration of fall. Time stops where the light stops.


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