Capturing Hand-Made Jewelry

Last summer, I managed to take a gander at some very unique pieces of jewelry. It was at a festival where there was this lovely lady who had no issues with me taking photos of her pieces. As I looked through the pieces, I noticed that the way the colors swirled together evoked a connection between the creator and her creations. Besides the common conception of shapes implying symbolism in jewelry, I would also add that there is some symbolism in the choice of color use in jewelry. Her color scheme for each set was monochromatic, but there is a sense of the creator replicating color schemes that can be found in nature.

Nature's treasures

The shapes of the pendants also replicate nature.

Light and Focus

This was the best shot. The focus right in the middle of all the earrings and swirls.

The website to purchase these wonderful pieces can be found here:


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