How Canada Day Inspired my Photos

Canada Day is the celebration of Canada’s confederation. The constitution of 1867 joined all of the provinces together to create the embodiment of today’s Canada. This gave independence from England amongst many other accomplishments as showcased here:

In this set of photos I try to capture an essence of Canada and try something more non-representational.

Empty Presence

I tried out something more abstract here. An empty presence of someone that could be sitting in the chair. A lot of chairs are filled in the House of Commons from different parties in Parliament.


This is my first attempt of capturing fireworks. Fireworks tend to be a large component of celebrating Canada Day amongst many other forms of celebration and festivities.

Warm Sunset

Canada also has beautiful lakeshores, waterfronts, and beaches. In this photo, it showcases the wonders of a sunset as I run towards the water.


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