Photographing Horizons

Day 1: 31. Horizons

For the first photo of the 365 project I chose Wasaga Beach for horizons. I realized after planning all of these topics out that a lot of them are weather dependent, as well as situation dependent. The right time, the right conditions, and the right idea can make each topic flourish. With that in mind, don’t mind if I don’t follow these topics in order.

What’s really interesting about Wasaga Beach is that it is the longest fresh water beach in the world (according to their website). It is 14 kilometers long and many tourists swarm there in the summer for their day-long beach ventures. Want to spend a day at the beach? Then Wasaga is where its at.

wasaga beach

This beach brings me back to a lot of great memories. Ever since I was a child, my family and I would always come here to get away for a day. It was difficult to complete this capture because of how busy it was and to get the mountains at the right level. But, alas! It is completed!

31. Horizons


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