Monochrome Settings

Day 2: 51. Black and White: Spot Color

It’s not everyday that I receive flowers… especially in a very surprising and endearing way such as this.

The other day I had flowers sent to me from a very special someone to my work. I work at the main reception desk, so quite often I receive flowers meant for others’ special occasions. Typically when flowers appear at my desk, I usually get the duty to hand deliver them to the rightful person and I get to see the happiness light up their face. So, when it just so happened that these flowers were meant for me, I completely lost myself in shock and endearment. What really set this apart from the other deliveries that it wasn’t for any occasion. They were sent to me for a “just because”.

Then it occurred to me. I need to preserve this memory, and all the better to use the 365 day challenge as an excuse to do so.

black and white flowers

This topic was a fun one to do. I got to experiment with the monochrome settings on my camera as well as tweak this in photoshop to add some color to it. I was so excited that I finally get to try this editing technique out and it didn’t take long to accomplish. If I were to retouch the entire black and white photo into color then obviously it would take longer to finish. This is a milestone photo for myself because I did the entirety of this shot in manual settings.

There you have it! Day two accomplished and memory preserved. It’s a win-win.

51. Black and White: Spot Color


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