Attempt of Macro on Vegetables

Day 3: 68. Vegetable

Originally, for this topic I didn’t really much planned except for the obvious. A carrot. I figured a carrot would be a good representation of this topic, but then I was presented with a different opportunity. My mom was making meatball soup and I figured I’d get some shots in of the ingredients for the sauce and the preliminary stages for the basis of the soup. Lo and behold, there are vegetables in this soup! Eureka, a challenge completed in just everyday experience!

For the record, it really is a good soup to make. Click on the recipe here. The recipe is from Eat, Shrink and Be Merry initially.

I debated whether to photograph a tomato or not, since tomatoes are considered more to be fruits than vegetables because of the seeds, so I will also give you a shot of red peppers as well.

Fruit or vegetable vegetable edited 4

This was all done in manual settings. I had trouble with the exposure since this was done at night and I didn’t have much available light in the kitchen. My determination to get this shot right surpassed any lighting obstacles I had that evening. Voilà! This topic is completed!

68. Vegetable 



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