How to Organize a 365 Challenge

Day 5: 1. Chair

I was once told that in order to complete a 365 Challenge, it would take you a couple years to finish. Two years ago, I started a challenge where I only completed four topics out of the 365 suggestions. I went back to the drawing board to reorganise all of these topics in a more manageable manner, and I found myself once again overwhelmed with all of the topics at my disposal. I thought that organising them into a chart with the prompts in two columns titled “Indoor” and “Outdoor” would make the list more feasible, but it ended up putting the topics out of order, and it was difficult to visually grasp which ones were incomplete. I converted the topics with my ideas in a PDF file and it was much too cumbersome; however I eventually figured out a way to make it more organised and visually appealing:

Google Sheets!

In Google Sheets, you can create a chart in any way you like and colour-code every item. I decided then and there that this was the most simple and efficient way to attack this list once and for all. Today, I decided to complete the very first topic on that list: Chair. I had a few ideas, but why not use a self-portrait to start things off? I had to work with a self-timer and set up my lights, but sitting pretty is tricky because I’m 5’4″, and I need to look tall without overcompensating too much. If you think looking up “people sitting on stools” in a search engine would warrant some results, think again. I had one image for a reference that I remember seeing on Instagram:

This is my interpretation:

I decided to change it to Black and White so it would seem more emotive and bring out the black tones in my clothing, and I think it worked out beautifully.

This challenge is completed: 1. Chair



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