Pens and Composition

Day 6: 2. Pens

Write. Scribble. Jot down. Make note.

All of these terms start with the simplest device: a pen. With a pen you can write down something important or scribble something to keep your mind busy. The ink itself can become shading for a piece of art, or emphasize calligraphy. In the 365 Challenge, I saw the topic of pens and I thought that this would be an easy challenge. I also thought that I have been taking a lot of these topics literally, but I digress. I present to you an image with a subject worth writing about (haha!).

In this photo, I have my pink planner and pens of decent quality. I had my name on a couple pens in my purse, so I decided to add that in as well. Do you get possessive of your pens at your workplace, especially if it’s one of decent quality?

This topic is completed 2. Pens


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