Highlighting Bread in a Photo

Day 10: 6. Bread

I love bread.

Bread is a great platform to start with when creating recipes or pairings in food culture. You can make it sweet or savory, and enjoy it hot or cold. All over the world, bread is recreated to fit specific dishes and to represent the region that it originates from. The basics of bread entail flour, yeast, water, and some recipes call for salt or sugar. A recipe that is so minimal in ingredients works wonders in the kitchen and appears to be budget-friendly as well.

When I saw that this topic was featured on the 365 Challenge list, I had a couple of ideas that would represent the image of an ode to bread. I decided to break the topic down to its ingredients and components in the kitchen.

I set up the lighting and I wanted a slice of bread to be the central focus besides the other components used to make the bread.

This topic is completed: 6. Bread


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