How to shoot from Eye Level

Day 11: 7. Low Point of View

In photography, when there is a low point of view, it can improve your photo as long as you utilize the angle. For this topic, I had three approaches in mind:

  1. Becoming the Subject
  2. Shooting from Eye Level
  3. Shooting from Below

These approaches are established by and I decided to “Shoot from Eye Level”. I took it into consideration how my subject can appear to have a greater presence in the photo. A small turtle statue was used to demonstrate the level and I placed it on a staircase outside on a rainy day for effect.

As I worked in manual settings to achieve the desired level and effect, I found it was a tad tricky capturing the right amount of focus with a limited light source. Otherwise, after a few trials and errors, this photo fulfilled the requirements of this topic.

This topic is complete: 7. Low Point of View


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