Showcasing Entropy in Photography

Day 12: 8. Entropy


There are several definitions of entropy and most of the definitions fall under the category of science. The definition I am using today is the focus on the lack of pattern and disorder. For this topic I chose a common household object and I arranged the objects in disarray.

Tea sets always make me happy. They are cute and make tea a more official pastime. I do like the simplicity of the design of this particular set and it elevates the concept by focusing on a slight sense of disorder instead of something more chaotic like a Pollock painting. When I researched for examples of entropy, all I could find is a simple diagram of dots.

If something has low entropy than it would be considered to be organized, as opposed to high entropy where the dots are more spread out and disorganized. When I arranged the tea cups, I tried to focus on the atypical way a cup would be placed. What better way to illustrate this than with a civilized and organized pastime like tea time.

This topic is completed: 8. Entropy


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