Symbolism in Photography

Day 13: 9. Sign

This topic is interesting because a sign can be interpreted in a few ways. The first thing that comes to mind is the simplicity of a street sign. A street sign is typically placed on a telephone pole or a street light so it is easily recognizable. The second thing that comes to mind is a sign that would identify a person or a place. A name tag or a plaque outside an office usually is classified as an identification sign. Larger signs are used to identify city limits and to bring a sense of welcome when you enter another city. Then there are less obvious signs such as gestures, signals, waves, and social cues. These signs in particular can be difficult to convey, therefore for this topic I decided to focus on something that could be universally recognized: the Batman Signal.

The Batman Signal is not one that Batman sends out himself, however. It is in fact the Gotham City Police Department that uses this signal in times of distress when they need Batman’s assistance. Even if someone is not familiar with DC comics, this signal is still universally known as the Batman Signal. I created my own version of this iconic sign with a flashlight, but I did some research on the shape of the bat for reference.

I went with the 2003 version because it was the most simple to recreate and it seemed to be easily distinguishable from the others.

This topic is completed: 9. Sign


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