How to use the Panning Technique

Day 14: 10. Moving Target

When I think of a moving target, I think of optimizing my camera for the panning technique. In order to be successful at panning, you need to slow down the shutter speed and follow your subject across the picture plane. This way, the subject would be in focus and the background would be blurry to indicate movement. I have to admit that this technique is not easy. The first time I tried it without a tripod, it did not seem quite right. You have to anticipate where your subject will go and focus on the spot where the subject will be. Since this is the first time I would be doing this, I decided to use an inanimate object to get the desired result. Introducing, marbles. The marbles that we all had at one point in our lives when it was a trendy thing to collect and trade in our childhood will be the central subject. In order to combine panning and the subject of marbles, I would have to initiate movement. Why not leave it to gravity? I found a stool that was curved inwards, so naturally these tiny spheres would follow the curvature of the stool, and it should work well with the panning technique.

I would love to know how other photographers capture this movement correctly the first time. I had minor difficulties trying to time it as I released the marbles to showcase movement. My learning curve is growing exponentially.

This topic is completed: 10. Moving Target


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