Landscape Photography

Day 15: 11. Landscape

Inscription for a Garden Wall

Winds blow the open grassy places bleak;
But where this old wall burns a sunny cheek,
They eddy over it too toppling weak
To blow the earth or anything self-clear;
Moisture and color and odor thicken here.
The hours of daylight gather atmosphere.

-Robert Frost, Atmosphere

When I learned about poetry in my Writer’s Craft class, I was taught that Robert Frost was an excellent poet because most if not all of his poetry was related to nature. The way he would describe landscapes, seasons, and rural settings was unique and personified. After all, his last name is “Frost”, and if he would of had the first name of Jack, this association could of been ideal for a nature poet.

The topic of Landscape signifies a very picturesque scene and it frequently reminds me of home.

I find that the best portraiture occurs at this waterfront and it creates great horizons for a landscape scene. I have the option of focusing on the actual water or the city line, but in this photograph, I wanted to showcase both. I feel that this capture speaks volumes of atmosphere and I can sense the “open grassy place” and how the daylight can evoke an overall mood.

This topic is completed: 11. Landscape


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