Minimalism in Photography

Day 16: 12. Minimalism

How to illustrate minimalism? To be honest, I was not quite sure how go about this. Do I focus on a minimal oasis presented in a landscape, or do I feature items that are needed to survive day by day? What is considered essential in a design?

These were the many questions I asked myself when I approached this day in the 365 Challenge and I am happy to report that the concept that I chose is an interesting one.

I wanted to express simplicity within the design of a ring. These rings are a perfect subject in the sense that less is more. There is a sense of elegance with the single diamond in each band and the curvature of the design. I was always fascinated with how photographers accomplish establishing shots of wedding rings because they need to showcase intricate details with a simple background. These rings are not engagement rings, nor are they wedding bands. This set in particular was a gift from my father given to me many years ago. I can not remember the occasion, but I do recall the beautiful, wooden box that this set was presented in. This was a thoughtful gift and I believe the thought itself, can be considered minimal and the material can be considered simplistic. In the case of showcasing wedding bands, I believe that it follows the same ideals of thought and material. Nothing should be overpowering in the overall photo.

This challenge is complete: 12. Minimalism


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