How to use the Element of Line in Photography

Day 18: 14. Lines

No, this is not a geometry lesson. I won’t be drawing line segments, but I do like the idea of focusing on the elements of line in a photograph. Lines suggest a sense of direction for  your eye to follow in a scene. The direction can be beyond horizontal and vertical, it can also be a curve or a zigzag pattern. There are several characteristics to consider when implicating mass or volume. Depending on the variety and abundance of lines, it can elevate a piece by reinforcing the dimensions of a shape. A few lines suggest a square, whereas an addition of a few more lines suggest a cube. Besides resembling obvious shapes that are commonplace, lines can be more abstract when illustrating a pattern or design. Outlines, contour lines, and gesture lines are just a few of the characteristics that enhances the dimensions of an abstract idea or concept.

When I was completing this topic, I had to change my perspective when I look at my surroundings. I had to concentrate on shapes and how lines make up everything I see.

About four weeks ago, I participated in Instagram’s challenge of capturing shapes and structures in everyday surroundings. This is very similar to focusing on the element of line to complete this topic. Once geometry is part of your ideals, it becomes easier to spot shapes in everyday life.

The wavy lines in this planter was not something I spotted right away, but when I simplified the idea of line, it stood out within seconds.

This challenge is completed: 14. Lines


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