Distortion in Reflections

Day 20: 16. Reflection

The standard reflection constitutes who we really are. We use our reflection to ensure outside appearances are presentable and ideal. But, what happens when the standard becomes distorted?

There is a sense of illusion or deceit when it comes to distortion. The best example is a house of mirrors. In a house of mirrors, there are distortions from the different convex, curves, and concave in the glass. These reflections are seen as inaccurate and it gives the viewer a misshapen perspective of themselves.

With the ideals of reflection in mind, I wanted to utilize this topic in another direction. After admiring the shininess and sheen of these pots, I thought it would be a good idea to capture a reflection on a reflective surface. The curvature of this particular set made my hands appear monstrously. The curves gave me multiple digits, but I know my hands do not look like the distorted image.

This topic is completed: 16. Reflection


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