Does Technology Run your Life?

Day 21: 17. Electronics

The power source of most electronics is a plugin. There are wires, cables, and ports for each device so it can run smoothly and so it can be recharged. In today’s day and age, people need to function everyday with a device that makes life easier for scheduling, updating, and posting content on social media. There is a constant need to be informed first, as well as, having personal life events featured in the palm of your hand. What happens to society when your head is down looking at a small screen? There are accidents when you are not self-aware and you are missing on current social interactions when answering text messages from an online community. It could be argued that one is being social when interacting online, but as social beings that go day-by-day following a routine, there are opportunities for more interactions.

This Youtube video showcases just that. From dawn to dusk, there is a need to rely on your phone in every situation. While I thought about this reliance on technology, I decided to feature cables of devices I use on a regular basis: my laptop, cell phone, and iPod.

Seeing how often I am glancing at my cell phone screen in the past couple of years, I made an executive decision to leave my cell phone at home on weekends. By leaving my phone at home, I found that I was paying closer attention to what people were saying and I felt relieved that I did not have to make any social media updates. I strongly suggest leaving your phone for at least a couple of hours to see if it would make a difference in your life.

This topic is completed: 17. Electronics



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