Symbolism Behind the Polish Flag

Day 24: 20. Flag

Did you know I am Polish?

I was born in Canada, but both of my parents are Polish. I felt it was fitting to have a Poland flag as the main focal point for today’s topic.

The modern flag of Poland has white on the top and red on the bottom. The white represents the hope of peace and the red is a reference to the blood shed for the country’s fight for independence. The eagle featured in this photo is considered as a symbol f0r the national coat of arms of Poland. There is more to Poland than just traditional foods and folk culture. Historically speaking, there have been several leading men and women that are not typically recognized as Polish. Some famous Polish people include: Marie Curie, Helena Rubenstein, Nicolaus Copernius, and Frédéric Chopin. All of these names do not appear to be Polish at first glance, but their achievements for history go beyond their names. Take for instance Marie Curie. Marie explored and studied radioactivity with her husband Pierre Curie. In 1898, they were working with a mineral called pitchblende where they discovered a new radioactive element. This radioactive element was Polonium which is derived from Marie’s native country of Poland.

Culture and heritage is important. Marie Curie showcased that by fusing her native country with her passions. Much like Marie, I feel that Poland is significant to my passions and heritage. The color red is a power color of mine and I try to select pieces for my wardrobe showcasing that power. I also have a Polska t-shirt that has the eagle on the back and the word ‘Polska’ inscribed in red font on the front of the shirt. This shirt is featured in today’s photo.

This challenge is completed: 20. Flag


2 thoughts on “Symbolism Behind the Polish Flag

  1. I came here because I was searching what People from other countries are thinking about Poland. It’s awesome that People speaks like that about my country. Greetings from Poland and don’t stop write because you have talent!

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