How to Imply the use of Flame

Day 25: 21. Fire

When it comes to the first warm day, I think of two things: running and barbecuing. Running I can do most days, but I prefer the days when the sun is out shining and the weather is a solid 20 degrees Celsius. Barbecuing on the other hand, is more flexible with the weather. Ideally, a sunny day would be of great importance for the right atmosphere for a barbecue. Alluring aromas, colorful food, and optimal temperatures for grilling work together for today’s topic of fire. Instead of working with the obvious portrayal of flames, I decided to focus on the implied image of the use of flames coming from the grill.

The notion of preparation is featured here. Everything needs to be cut evenly so it could cook all of the components equally at the same time. Seasoning and sauces offer a more diverse flavor profile for these vegetables and seafood.

This topic is completed: 21. Fire 


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