Fashion Culture on Social Media

Fashion is always a fickle thing.

I always believed if you wore anything with confidence then it becomes a statement. What kind of statement? The statement that says: this is a look and I am presenting it to the world. The same statement that drives the industry and the people within it down a path of trendsetting and popularity. It has been said before that clothes make the man, but I strongly support the idea that clothes make the world a more colorful place. Pick the outfit that makes you feel sexy. Pick the outfit that makes you feel powerful and sophisticated. Pick the outfit that makes you feel more like you. When it comes to fashion, we battle the fight for individuality and style. We want to feel unique and important by customizing our look to fit those ideals.

My sense of uniqueness comes from my selection of colors and patterns. There is something very eye-catching and mesmerizing about finding the perfect fit for my body type in the right shade or tone. It creates an unforgettable silhouette for a passerby and it boosts your perception of yourself in a positive way. You, and only you, can make a difference in the way you carry yourself. For today’s post, I decided to stray away from the 365 Challenge topics and focus on today’s representation of fashion culture on social media. There are fashionable men and women that believe their style choices are original enough to post on social media. The posts consist of the outfit in its entirety which is worn by the social media account holder, and then an additional post of the individual components of the outfit. The most prominent social media application for this culture is Instagram. On Instagram, there are look books and opportunities to post professional photos of an ensemble. When I composed my thoughts on fashion and examined the fashion Instagram accounts, I decided to take it upon myself to produce a similar series of photos.

As I was visiting Windsor, I went to various locations downtown to capture this dress and initiate poses to complete this look.

If you can get the pose right, then the photo can be super effective in terms of confidence and aesthetics.

A smile can be your best accessory.

Or a pair of sunglasses can elevate a look.

Finally, do a cityscape justice by smiling at it and enjoying the small things in life.



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