Embracing the Full Picture Plane

Day 27: 23. Fill the Frame

What happens when a photo needs a new perspective?

It appears to be quite simple. Just move in closer to your subject so that it fills up the picture plane. When I saw this topic come up on the list, I have to admit that I found it challenging to get close enough to a subject to get the desired effect. Being in the midst of traveling and having a practical mindset, affected how many lenses would be in my carry-on. My telephoto lens is great for most scenarios, but not the greatest for macro or closeup shots. I was limited in terms of the range and subject matter, but I managed to convey an image that was close to filling up the frame.


I was happy with the end result because I still managed to showcase the intricate details of the leaves. What I find most important about the 365 challenge is the notion of learning from your obstacles and achievements. Most of the time, if not all the time, photography is about capturing a moment in seconds. The settings or the lens might not be the ideal choice, but in order to build new skills, there has to be an element of trial and error. Every situation is different and it requires alternative settings to idealize the composition of the photograph.

This topic is complete: 23. Fill the Frame


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