Shallow Depth of Field in Manual Settings

Day 28: 24. Shallow Depth of Field

This concept is as simple as how blurry can the background appear to the viewer? To the untrained eye, people are mystified by a blurry background and they believe that the key to a good photograph is having a hazy background. This is a common misconception and it takes more than just a so-called blurry environment to be an effective image. The amount of blur is key to achieve the optimal depth of field and to enhance an otherwise flat-looking image. Depending on the focus and aperture value, the objects behind the set plane of focus can appear indefinite or clouded. Ideally, the aperture value should be large and you should move away from the subject to increase the depth of field. This concept rang true when I captured a few seagulls perched on a railing.

The sun shined brightly and I managed to complete this photo in manual settings as I positioned myself far enough from my subject to achieve this image.

This topic is completed: 24. Shallow Depth of Field



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