Van Gogh and a Blue Sky

Day 29: 25. Sky

“I never get tired of a blue sky”

-Vincent Van Gogh

The vibrancy of a blue sky always makes me happy. Whether there are clouds or none at all, the sun makes it worthwhile. In most aspects of freedom or being stuck inside all day, it is usually a blue sky that people seek so that they feel liberated and at peace. We look up at the sky and get a sense of cosmos or a realization of being in a world that is so vast where we are so small.  Everyone in the world looks up at the same sky and heavens, and this is how we can tell what time of day or when we should start our day. Sometimes the sun is absent and it can cause a sense of delirium. There are signs of tiredness, headaches, and just an overall unwillingness to be productive. Although there are many benefits of a blue sky and the sun shining, there are also some disadvantages. Being out at a peak temperature of heat while the sun is shining can cause a heatstroke, sunburn, and in some cases skin cancer. As much as we need the sun for a good dose of vitamin D, there are cases where too much sun is disadvantageous to our well being. I choose to believe in the benefits, but not so much so that I am neglecting proper protection.

What I find interesting is the notion of using the color blue to describe happiness or the instigation of a good day. The color blue is typically associated with gloominess, calmness, and melancholy. When I found the quote by Van Gogh, I loved the perplexity behind it. There are a lot of Van Gogh’s works where a blue sky is featured either at night or during the day. His work of “Starry Night” showcased more of the sky in the horizon than the buildings in the foreground. Is it possible that his works were a reflection of his sanity? Did he lose himself in the scenery while observing the sky? These are the questions I ponder when thinking about the simplicity of a blue sky.

This photo was taken in my hometown. I debated about whether using this particular scene to describe what home means to me. It seems as though the notion of a sky determining the mood of the scene deemed importance and my search of a symbolic concept for home continues.

This topic is completed: 25. Sky


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