How to Showcase Texture in Fabrics

Day 31: 27. Texture

When it comes to texture, I think about different kinds of fabric and how it can transform an article of clothing. A touch of silk can make something luxurious or a fur trim speaks volumes of expensive taste. Wool provides different levels of warmth and cashmere is soft to the touch. It is as though each category of fiber can be broken down into segments of characteristics where a simple framework of texture is examined closely.

I thought it would be interesting to have fur and wool contrasted in the photo. The fact that there are leopard spots imprinted and the fur has two tones of color, only added to the impact of the overall image. There is always a notion of composition about how a picture plane should be divided, but sometimes all it takes to make a scene interesting, is placing articles of clothing side by side to initiate contrast. Texture also implies that the allotted image needs to be a closeup in order to make the viewer “feel” the textures of the items in the photo. I decided to have the textures in the foreground to be not as prominent as the middle ground. The reason for that is I wanted the curves of the leopard print scarf to lead a viewer’s eye into the scene before the edgy-looking porcupine fur. There needs to be a balance of hard and soft in the lines of the textures in order to look cohesive.

This challenge is completed: 27. Textures


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