How Wonder Woman Inspired Fitness Apparel

Wonder Woman!

Finally a character worthy of feminism on the big screen! If you ever feel an urge or a want for empowerment, then by all means watch Wonder Woman. I loved this movie and how everything was filmed. My favorite part of any film is seeing how the use of camera angles and different perspectives throughout all of the scenes can establish a story. The camera is angled upwards to display Wonder Woman’s power stances and ongoing action movements. The audience would feel the power and bravery of this character as she challenges the norm and protects the integrity of honor. What I also  found impressive was the combat sequences and how it was carried out scene by scene. A viewer is able to see everything in a fight without any confusion of who is fighting whom in a battle. The establishing shots as well as the action shots showcase the origin story behind Wonder Woman very well, especially when she appears on the battlefront of World War I.

In order to replicate such a strength and symbol, it would take some initiative to fully engage in poses that exclaim power. I decided to take it upon myself to wear a Wonder Woman inspired look to showcase strength and empowerment. I do not have the most athletic body, but I do believe in body positivity.

I walked around in Public in this outfit and at the beginning I felt slightly uncomfortable. In due time, I just accepted my imperfections and realized to just have fun with it.

I might not be as tall as Wonder Woman, but I worked with the poses to the best of my ability. I had a few reference photos to go by, but it is open to interpretation. When it comes to photography and portraiture, many people have expressed their discomfort when posing for me in front of my lens. Sometimes it is better to act natural even if I pose someone at first. The minute a subject breaks a pose, there is something very organic and natural in that break which showcases beautifully in a photograph.

I believe we are the most critical when it is a portrait of ourselves. We aim for perfection of the human body even if it might seem impossible.

Anyone can be a Wonder Woman. Strength and power comes from hard work and motivation. The question that you need to ask yourself is, What makes me feel empowered and confident? The answer is the key to embody the values of Wonder Woman.


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