Practical Fashion

Day 33: 29. Shoelaces

A good pair of shoes will get you far, but a great pair of shoes will get you even farther. When it comes to footwear, we tend to focus on aesthetics and on the brand associated with it. The level of comfort appears to be on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the quality of footwear. I, however, believe in the concept of fashionable and practical footwear. I do not see the appeal of wearing uncomfortable shoes just because the brand or the aesthetics of the outfit require it. Save the feet and wear comfort on repeat. I do prefer a range of variations of a simplified shoe. The sneaker or running shoe is a perfect example of that. Most of my “fashionable” footwear seems to be in my collection of high-tops, running shoes, and wedge sneakers. All of these shoes have laces either as a functional part of the shoe or as a decorative element, but most importantly they are extremely comfortable.

Before this pair became part of my collection, I was in dire need of a style that showcased an element beyond athletic wear. I wanted a pair of shoes that would pair nicely with leggings or jeans. Lo and behold, these Adidas high-tops were the answer. I always find it interesting how people approach adding new pieces of clothing to their closet. Do people buy for the sake of buying, or is it a fashion goal they are trying to achieve?

This Challenge is completed: 29. Shoelaces


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