The Beginnings of Glamour

Every creative idea has a story.

I had a vision that I wanted to expand into fashion and glamour photography. I was always interested in the process of  beauty and how that process required attention to detail and making a subject feel glamorous during the photo shoot. Not only was I interested in the glamour component, but I was also invested in a more stylized environment that would support the artistic ideals of couture. Most of my portraits that featured women could be categorized under fashion because of the environment I chose to put them in, as well as, the poses of each individual replicated angles commonly seen in fashion magazines. I was able to make each participant look their best and feel their best when they agreed to take part in a creative idea that I wanted to come to life.

As time went on, I slowly started to realize that my best portraits were my creative projects. The projects that showcased my talents and artistic visions were the projects that I felt my heart was in it. Everything came together seamlessly and the byproduct was a happy model and an interesting concept to add to my portfolio. After I participated in an event that had beauty experts in the field and stylists, I knew that glamour would be the next step. I took over 50 candid photographs for the event, and I saw that the captures of the makeup artists were more intriguing than the rest of the candids. That is to say, I did take great photos of the entirety of the event, but I just took a liking to the stylistic versions of  the candids featuring the process of beautification.

Before I present the outcome of my glamour and fashion concepts, let me showcase another series that I like to call “Before the Glam”. Before the Glam is a collection of “before” photographs as my model was beautified.


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