Vogue and the Colour Red

Day 35: 32. Color: Red

Introducing color week!

For the next seven topics, it will be a series of photographs where a certain color is more prominent than the other colors in the entirety of the scene. Today’s topic is the color of red. Red is a fantastic color on its own because it can be interpreted in several ways. It can be seen as a sign of danger or caution in a setting, or it can be synonymous with the ideals behind power. I always thought the color red emotes passion, love, and strength. When it is depicted in fashion, the model always looks confident and exudes an exaggerated sense of power. This Russian cover of Vogue sides along with the symbolism of power behind the color of red.

There is sensuality in the lines of the dress and it is showcased in the way the model posed for the cover. When I was planning my glamour concept two weeks ago, I never anticipated a pop of color would show up in the photographs. After close speculation and masterly organizing all of my byproducts of the photo shoot, I came to realize that the color red stands out in this particular photograph. There is confidence in the stance of the model and in how the shorts create straight lines showcases femininity. Arguably, femininity is usually depicted with curved lines but this photograph proves otherwise.

This topic is completed: 32. Color: Red



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