The Symbolism of Green

Day 37: 34. Color: Green

I always thought the color green does not have enough representation in art and design. When I think of green, I think of poison, jealousy, and nature. Depending on the shade of green, it seems to revolve around a sense of toxicity.

For today’s topic, I decided to select items that change the premise of green symbolizing toxicity.

The Aloe Vera gel exemplified here has healing properties instead of being masked by a skull and crossed bones. A refill bottle for perfume that smells more floral than woodsy is also pictured here with a metallic red cap, as well as a couple of accessories that establish a sense of growth and vitality. When all of these items are pictured together, it changes our perception of the color green. It is almost as though green as seen typically in emeralds, elevates the status of the usage of the color. I could have placed these items outdoors in a forest scene, but I chose to use a more elegant background in order to change the perception of the common trope of greenery in a nature setting.

This topic is completed: 34. Color: Green


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