Monet and the Colour Yellow

Day 38: 35. Color: Yellow

Bright and shiny like the sun, today we have the color yellow! There is something very alluring and happy about yellow. This can be seen in a happy face or even as an alert to draw your attention to something as seen in the use of  a standard yellow post it. This color in particular is as inviting as it is cautionary in these examples. In today’s society, the color yellow appears to be more versatile. It can be euphoric, a warning, an indicator for danger, or used as a marker of a value as seen in a pH scale. With all of these examples in mind, I still believe the use of yellow in Monet’s “Yellow Nirvana” is the best way to showcase versatility in symbolism.

Waterlilies (Yellow Nirvana) 1908- Claude Monet

What I find intriguing about this specific work from his waterlilies series is how there is a spiritual connotation to the work. Many religions associate golden sunlight with spirituality or God. It is almost as though this work is a meaning for a new beginning or a spiritual awakening. There is also a sense of meditation when one is one with nature or a feeling of peace in this waterlilies scene. The way the color yellow is used here suggests dimension and illustrates a never ending pathway. When I decided to create a display of yellow essence within objects that contain the luminescence of this color, I thought about Monet and shortly after, how this color is used to highlight certain elements.

I managed to grab a learning tool, a magnet of a villain, and a pair of earrings that I no longer wear as of lately. There might not be as much as a spiritual significance like a painting by Monet, but there is symbolism behind each object in the photo. All items that have been forgotten, or items that I no longer use, reside in this work.

This topic is completed: 35. Color: Yellow


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