The Symbolism of Brown

Day 40: 37. Color: Brown


The one color that is not usually heavily used in any artwork or photo. When I think of brown, I think of earth and the soil we walk on. I believe one could say that the color brown keeps you grounded and reminds you of one of the basic elements that many components in this world are made of. As a color, we could argue that this color is a neutral like black and white. Or, we can argue brown is not a color at all. In order to achieve this neutral, there is some skill involved by mixing a primary color with its complementary. Depending on the combination, it will be either a warm or cold hue of brown.

When it came to selecting items for this scene, I decided to select items based on the use. An eyebrow pencil, an item that I use everyday and an item that establishes a prominent feature of facial makeup. Almond Body Butter, an item that uses the essence of almonds but the product itself is not brown. Then, a wooden case for a teacup set. The wood is a light brown, but it is made from a natural element. Wood is synonymous with the symbolism of brown and grows in the earth. All of these items tie in with the notion of using basic elements to create essentials for my everyday needs.

This topic is completed: 37. Color: Brown


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