A Music Theme

Day 7: 3. Music

Music: it is the art of the sound of time that is expressed in different forms of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. This is paraphrased from the dictionary definition of “Music”, but I feel that music is of great importance in my life despite the technical alternative. I turn on the radio every morning so that I have the company of voices and popular tracks in the background as I get ready for the day. I find a sense of uneasiness if there is a complete silence when I am completing a monotonous task or pursuing physical activity. There is nothing better than having a great playlist that moves you want to work harder and stronger when you are completing a workout.

Quite often, workout playlists that you create, or playlists that are created by someone else, have similar transitions that can apply to your workout regimen. The beats in the tracks at the beginning ease you into the warm-up, then it amplifies at the highest intensity, and shortly after the beat quietens as you get closer to the end of your workout. Depending on the melody, it can also affect your mood. How often is it that a musician plays the blues when they are sad? Or, they play poppy tunes when they are in good spirits? A small habit that I have recently acquired is playing Disney Piano music when I edit photos. Although the appearance at first glance seems that I am glum, it is quite the opposite, and I am just focused on completing the task at hand by utilizing the instrumental tracks.

When I saw this topic come up in the 365 Challenge, I decided to focus on the devices that I use to play music on a daily basis.

I have my cell phone that I link to this JBL speaker and we have my iPod Nano that I use at the gym and for running my 10 km runs. Music is significant in my life because I have a need to have a soundtrack for every thing I do. It makes life more interesting, bountiful, and beautiful.

This topic is completed: 3. Music


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